Friday, May 2, 2008

Dosh - Wolves and Wishes

First off, is that not the coolest album cover? With that crazy tree and those houses and that whole "Where is gravity?" thing going on.

Ok. Dosh. This guy blew my mind back in 06. I remember laying out on the grass in college, staring at the sky and just listening to this guy's music.

Think ... jazz. Now think, awesome. Add a bit of gaze, some glitch, and a whole lot of "Maaaaaan is that the last track?" and you have Dosh - Wolves and Wishes.

The best thing about the album is its flow from one song to the next. It has this charming ability to make the listener forget the idea of time. Giving the album a feeling as if it is one large song.

Totally. Worth. 20. listens.

Oh, and he's an awesome drummer. Peep the youtube

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