Thursday, May 22, 2008

Portal Royal - Flared Up Remixes

I became a fan of Port Royal sometime last summer when they released their album "Afraid to Dance." At the time I was going through a lot of electronic gazey music (ulrich schnauss / m83) and it really hit a chord (ha).

This new album Flared Up (Remixes) is a remix album of their LP Flares, and it's awesome. There are about 4 or 5 songs in the middle that completely flow and feel lush and full.

I swore off remixes after a 4 year stint as a bedroom trance dj, subscribing to the idea that "original ideas are just better." After hearing this album, and its reinterpretations I was forced to reconsider the idea of originality as something completely different.

The relevant songs on here are Karola Bloch (manuel), a guitar chopper by D_Raddio (who also just released a new album, which I need to post about on here... soon) and another Karola Bloch (as dialect this time) that is more ulrich schnauss then the man himself could ever be.

This is really great album, and if you can spare the $ to purchase it you will experience some of the best sounds this year

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Swod - Sekunden

I promise not to write about music less than a month old
I promise not to write about music less than a month old
I promise not to write about music less than a month old
I promise not to ... who am I kidding?

Ok so the album came out in October of 07. Totally awesome ambient, piano, samplism, sounds totally lo-fi at times and at others completely overproduced, another awesome time buster. This baby just flows.

Like... these guys are hard to find... Check out their I guess

Album here

Friday, May 2, 2008

Dosh - Wolves and Wishes

First off, is that not the coolest album cover? With that crazy tree and those houses and that whole "Where is gravity?" thing going on.

Ok. Dosh. This guy blew my mind back in 06. I remember laying out on the grass in college, staring at the sky and just listening to this guy's music.

Think ... jazz. Now think, awesome. Add a bit of gaze, some glitch, and a whole lot of "Maaaaaan is that the last track?" and you have Dosh - Wolves and Wishes.

The best thing about the album is its flow from one song to the next. It has this charming ability to make the listener forget the idea of time. Giving the album a feeling as if it is one large song.

Totally. Worth. 20. listens.

Oh, and he's an awesome drummer. Peep the youtube