Saturday, February 2, 2008

Recovering your aim buddy list

Deleted aim buddy list?

** The one requirement for this process is that you must have logged your aim conversations **

Step 1. Search your computer for files containing your screen name. Eventually you'll come across the log files. Most logging programs use folders to organize the logs. These folders contain each of your buddy's names. This is the content for the recovery process.
Step 2. Navigate to the base directory of all these folders using the command prompt (start - run - cmd) then type dir/s > backup.txt. That will dump the content of the entire directory into a text file.
Step 3. Open the text file in Microsoft Excel, make sure to chose "fixed width" when importing.
Step 4. Copy the columns of all the screen names, and paste them into a new text file.
-- Here is where you can organize your buddy list using excel. I alphabetized.--

You should at this point have all your buddies in a text file.

Now all you have to do is save an old aim buddy list and edit it with a text editor, pasting the new list of buddies in the appropriate area.

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