Sunday, August 12, 2007

Paul van Dyk - In Between

I was really excited to hear this album when I first got it. PVD is one of the top DJs in the trance / techno / dance / whatever music scene and an excellent producer as well. He was one of the first guys that went away from turntables and started using a laptop and systems like final scratch. I've seen him a few times live and the guy really knows how to work a crowd. One of the finer moments I have experienced in a NYC club was flashing a paper to Paul with a song name on it, moments later he played it. The guy is a great performer hands down.

The album is wild. It starts out with a euro-trash sort of feel. You can tell right off that these tunes are singles. Then Paul does what he does best. Kicks it with beats.

The trance songs on the album are well laid out, the album's flow is fantastic and Paul's signature bouncy beats force one to bob along with each song. His use of the stereo field shows his expertise as a producer as you can hear tons of nuances in the mix. One song in particular "New York City" has a New York City police department siren in the background. It was so well laid into the mix that while walking in the city I looked around for the police car.

The album is coming out in a month or two, when it does finally hit stores make sure to pick it up.

Check out his interview

EDIT: The album is not fully finished yet.

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